Week 12: April 16th-20th

Happy Monday!!!

  • Unit 4 test was given today, April 16th.  It was moved from Friday, April 13th.
  • We are starting Unit 5: Exponential & Logarithmic Functions on Tuesday, Aprile 17th.
  • Unit 5 Quiz will be on Friday, April 20th.  Unit 5 Test will be Friday, April 27th.
  • Below is Unit 5 Agenda and Unit 5 Booklet.
  • Unit 5 Agenda WI2018
  • Alg 2 Unit 5 Student Notes Booklet WI2018

Week 11: April 9th – 13th

Welcome BACK!!!

Hopefully you had a relaxing and refreshing Spring Break!

  • We will finish Unit 4 this week: solving rational AND radical equations.
  • Unit 4 review will be Thursday, April 12th.
  • Unit 4 Test will be Friday, April 13th.
  • Unit 4 Review Answers: Unit 4 Review Answers

Week 8: March 5th-9th

Hello AND Happy Wednesday!

On Tuesday of this week, we tested on Unit 3A.  We are starting Unit 3B.  The quiz for this unit will be Thursday, March 15th.  The test will be Tuesday, March 20th.

Attached is Unit 3B Agenda and Booklet.

Unit 3B Agenda WI18

Alg 2 Unit 3B Student Notes Booklet WI2018

Academic Contracts (Academic Contract WI2018) for students who currently have a 70% or less will be going home on Friday, March 9th.  These contracts must be signed AND returned on Monday, March 12th.

Just a reminder, my tutorial days are Tuesday from 3:45-4:30 in room 904.  See the tutorial schedule Tutorial Schedule Winter 2018 for the availability for other teachers.

Lastly, the student registration directions for USAtest prep are below:

USA Test Prep Directions