Week 9: September 18th-22nd

Algebra 2

  • We are finishing the 1st half of Unit 3 this week.  Unit 3A will be Friday, September 2nd.
  • Attached is Unit 3A Review answers: Unit 3A Review_Answers

Geometry Support

  • We have finished pages 2-14 in Module 2A booklet.  Students will have the 2nd quiz for Module 2A on Friday, September 22nd.

Have a great Fall Break!


Week 8: September 11th -15th

Good Bye to Hurricane Irma!  Hopefully, all were safe and sound.

Algebra 2:

  • We took Unit 2 took on Thursday, September 14th.
  • We will start unit 3A on Friday, September 15th.  The Unit 3A test will be Friday, September 22nd.
  • Also, The take home retest for Units 1A & 1B will go home today.
  • Attached is the Unit 3A Agenda: Unit 3A Agenda and Unit 3A booklet: Alg 2 Unit 3A Student Notes Booklet P

Geometry Support:

  • We took Module 2 Quiz #1 on Thursday, September 14th.  We will finish this week with more practice on pages 2-7 from Module 2 Booklet.
  • Quiz #2 will be next Wednesday, September 20th.

Week 7: September 4th – 8th

Happy Tuesday!  Hopefully, everyone had a relaxing and restful Labor Day!

Algebra 2

  • This week will we finish up Unit 2A.  Unit 2A will be on Monday, September 11th.

Geometry Support

  • This week will cover pages 4-7 in the Module 2 booklet.  Quiz 2, #1 will be Monday, September 11th.
  • Tests were graded over the weekend and grades will be updated by Friday, September 8th.

Week 6: August 28th-September 1st

Algebra 2:

  • Unit 1B test is on Monday, August 28th.
  • We will start Unit 2B on Tuesday, August 29th.
  • Unit 2A quiz if Friday, September 1st and Unit 2A test is Friday, September 8th.
  • Attached is the Unit 2A booklet: Alg 2 Unit 2A Student Notes Booklet P and Unit 2A Agenda: Unit 2A Agenda

Geometry Support.

Week 3: August 14th-18th

Algebra 2

  • We have started Unit 1B.  Unit 1B quiz will be Monday, August 21st.  Unit 1B test will be Friday, August 25th.
  • Below is Unit 1B Agenda (Green Sheets) and Unit 1B Student Notes

Unit 1B Agenda  and Alg 2 Unit 1B Student Notes Booklet P

Geometry Support

  • Module 1, Quiz #2 is will be tomorrow, August 18th and Module 1 Test will be Friday, August 25th.
  • Grades have been updated.
  • Attached is the Geometry Support Syllabus: Geometry Support Syllabus

Week 2: August 7th 2017

Algebra 2

  • Students took their first quiz, Unit 1A, this past Monday, August 7th.
  • Unit 1A test is next Tuesday, August 15th.


Geometry Support

  • Students took their first quiz this past Tuesday, August 8th.
  • Their next quiz is Friday, August 18th.